What to look for in a mini fleet insurance online quote

In searching for a competitive mini fleet insurance online quote there are a number of factors to bear in mind but the outcome is potentially significant savings in time and money. We examine some of the principal considerations.

When you opt for insurance for a mini fleet, this essentially means that you are buying insurance for at least two vehicles, and maybe up to five. These vehicles can be vans or cars, or a mixture of both. In looking for a competitive mini fleet insurance online quote you will need to remember that the cover should work out cheaper for the fleet than if you insured each vehicle individually.

The right mini fleet insurance online quote ensures group value

When you are faced with obtaining a mini fleet insurance online quote, it may be wise to use a company that specialises in this type of insurance. A firm that focuses on mini fleets will understand the pressures and stresses of running and maintaining a mini fleet and will know exactly what you need to help you do your job, effectively manage your business and keep your fleet on the road with a minimum of fuss.

With a company that really knows the mini fleet insurance business, the online insurance quote you receive may go beyond simply the number of vehicles and be tailored to specific vehicle types. While a quote can cover a mixture of vans and cars, in some situations it can be applied solely to vans or to cars. The quote can be broken down even further into types of vans or cars, including quotes for catering vans, a small HGV fleet or a small skip lorry fleet. Other types of quotes may be geared to small funeral cars, a small charity fleet or a school minibus fleet.

By dealing with experts in the mini fleet sector, you will benefit from products that are tailored to the demands of running small fleets of specific vehicle types. This will ensure that the rates you get offer value and that the policies cover the most important elements, as for many small businesses their fleet is critical to operations.

Don’t forget about benefits and quality of service

The absolute cheapest is not always the absolute best. If something goes wrong, you need to know that there is infrastructure in place to make sure your needs are dealt with promptly and efficiently. In considering any quote for mini fleet insurance, take a hard look at the key benefits that it offers.

The quote may well include breakdown service, public liability cover of up to £10 million and use of a temporary vehicle if there is a no-fault accident. You should be able to choose between third party cover, fully comprehensive cover or third party fire and theft.

Optional extras may include items such as cover for the loss of goods in transit, cover for legal assistance, and cover for employer’s liability, some or all of which may be of value depending upon your existing business insurance policies.

The insurer should process all documents promptly and the quote may also include cover for loss resulting from interruption to the business. If you have a no claims bonus that you want to protect, your mini fleet insurance online quote should be able to factor that in too.

Age restrictions in policies vary, with some providers limiting cover to drivers that are aged 21 or above. A quote may also include recovery for uninsured losses, and legal expenses of up to £50,000.

Good insurance is there for peace of mind; none of us plans to have an accident. With the right mini fleet insurance in place, your fleet and your business will be ready for anything.