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Why getting your car colour wrong can cost you thousands

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Would you pay top price for a Barbie pink Range Rover with a diamond encrusted clock? Industry analysts don’t think so which is why Katie Price’s shocking pink car may be worth £3000 less than the second-hand list price.

It seems that picking the right colour for your next car might be more important than you think. Black, grey and white might seem boring but they’ll also hold their value better than highly unusual colours – as Katie Price is discovering to her cost.

Bargain prices

It seems that the ex-Page 3 model needs a quick sale for her pink Range Rover and matching horsebox in an attempt to stave off bankruptcy. The horsebox alone cost £150,000 and is being sold for a fifth of the price for a quick sale – though it’s likely the new owner will want a paint job, fast.

Her Range Rover, packed with extras including that £25,000 clock, would be worth £100,000 new according to pricing experts. However, with depreciation and that bubblegum bodywork, it’s likely to be worth closer to £20,000 if privately sold as against a second-hand sales value of £23,000 for a safer colour.

Changing colour

It’s not just luxury models that can lose value if they’re painted the ‘wrong’ colour. A supermini in white, black or silver will outsell one in brown or green by £1,000 either new or used. It depends on the car, of course; brown is a sought after colour for SUVs and executive cars.

There is a cost-effective way to change the colour of your vehicle if you fall out of love with monochrome. A car wrap costs a fraction of the cost of a respray and can even protect your bodywork. It’s also easy to remove when it comes time to sell your ‘boring’ car.

A safe investment

It’s not just the bodywork that can reduce your car’s value. A poor choice of interior or upgrades can also turn buyers off. Make your car too personal and it won’t appeal to another buyer who doesn’t love pink seats or bling encrusted wing mirrors. Unless you intend to keep your car for a lifetime, bland and neutral is the way to go.

If you want to invest in an upgrade then a panoramic sunroof, leather trim and larger alloy wheels are all surefire ways to add to your car’s desirability and resale value.

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