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What the yummy mummy will be driving on the school run

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Back to school time is nearly here and with it that agonising decision – what to drive for the school run? If what you drive really matters to you then here are the 5 statement cars you’ll want to be seen driving this autumn.

Not surprisingly, 4 of the 5 cool cars to be seen in according to motoring experts are SUVs. After all they’re a safe, spacious and reliable way to transport your family from A to B. But these aren’t just any SUVs, these are some of the sleekest, most luxe SUVs on the market.


The smallest of the BMW X range, this stylish SUV still has bags of space, an ample boot and a range of efficient engines for fuel economy.

Opt for the M Sports package for F1 style paddle shifters or the premium package with the enormous panoramic moon roof. For the school run, you might just settle for the driver assist package to nip into to that tight parking space.

VW Tiguan

This has been top of a lot of people’s SUV lists and with good reason. Mid-size and offering effortless reliability, the Tiguan is packed with technology and safety features.

Opt for the chrome detailing and the sporty body packs and you’ll turn up at the gates looking cool – just not quite as cool as the F Pace with carbon pack.

Range Rover Evoque

OK, so it’s been around a while and maybe it’s something of a cliche but its distinctive styling makes it stand out from the crowd.

When you want to turn up at school in a car that whispers understated luxury, the Evoque is it.

Jaguar F Pace

The car that Team Sky have driven with such success at the Tour de France, the F Pace is a stunner and designed to deliver absolute cool. If you’re the kind of parent who spends their days ferrying kids and equipment to school, activities and play dates, this is the smart choice.

Add the lifestyle pack to make hauling skis and canoes a breeze, then add the carbon pack just because.

Audi TT

Obviously this blend of sheer stupid power and alluring style isn’t an obvious choice for the school run. It only has 2 doors for a start so this is the choice for the uber cool parent and only child.

But for sheer effortless cred when you cruise up to the school gates, your offspring will be eternally grateful.

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