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UK buyers snap up over 2 million used cars in just 3 months

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The new car market may be in the doldrums, but the same can’t be said of the second hand market which is holding up well. In fact, British buyers snapped up over 2 million used cars between April and June this year, just 0.4% down on 2017.

By contrast, sales of new cars are down 5.5% on the same period last year. But the market for used cars is positively flying and market analysts say it’s great to see that sector in such robust health.

Greater confidence

The second-hand market is flourishing partly thanks to the filter down of exciting new technology including high tech models and low emissions vehicles. Hybrid and alternatively fuelled vehicles are also attracting used car buyers.

However, analysts are striking a note of caution, pointing out that the market may cool over the coming months with fewer ‘as new’ vehicles up for sale. Fleet renewal is currently driving reduced C02 emissions and better air quality so the market is hoping confidence will remain high into 2019.

Green drives the market

The most sought-after vehicles are currently electric vehicles, hybrids and the new breed of plug-in hybrids. Sales rose by more than a quarter with over 27,000 models being bought and sold in 2018 – up by 5,000 units on the same time last year.

In contrast to the new car sales market, demand for diesels was up 3.2% while petrol car sales fell by almost the equivalent amount. Superminis still rule the roost as the most popular cars in the UK, with SUVs boosting their market share by around 10%. Executive cars also saw a boost in sales.

Green doesn’t drive the choice of most popular colour, however. That’s black, followed by silver and blue. White and orange cars have surged in popularity while green and maroon have fallen out of favour – green cars by over 14%.

10 best selling used cars

The Ford Fiesta reigns supreme whether you buy new or used, while small and medium-sized family cars make up the rest of the top 10. Vauxhalls and VWs prove enduringly popular, particularly the iconic Golf and Polo, and there’s no surprise that other classic the Mini is a sought-after second-hand car.

At the top end of the market, the Audi 3 and BMW 3 Series show the British consumer has an abiding love affair with vorsprung durch technik, while the Ford Focus and the Renault Clio have a timeless appeal.

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