BMW M5 Bigger and Better

The BMW M5 is back and it’s bigger and better than ever

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The new BMW M5 Competition is two tonnes of pure muscle and performance. With a 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8 engine for 0-60 in just in just 3.3 seconds, there’s a lot of brawn behind this BMW update making it a sharp and focused drive.

Need a super saloon in your life? Thirty years after the first BMW M5 rolled off the production line, the behemoth Beemer is back – but is it better than ever?

There’s certainly a lot to love about this high-performance sports car masquerading as a 5 metre long family-friendly saloon. The Competition M5 has 25bhp over the standard version, but BMW clearly thinks that’s enough to get petrolheads excited.

Same torque, sportier ride

While the torque remains the same and mechanically there’s little to split the M5 and the M5 Competition, you notice the difference as soon as you take it on the road. With new hydraulics and a 7mm drop in ride height, the ride gets stiffer and sportier and the handling is really crisp and keen.

The power that drives this car to break the 100mph barrier in just 7.5 seconds is now fed through all-wheel drive. But if you think that adds weight, think again – the liberal use of aluminium actually brings the M5 Competition in at 15kg under its predecessor.

Ultimate driving control

The M5 Competition is set up to give you ultimate control. There are 4WD and 2WD drive sports settings that will hurtle you round a race track in a way that makes you wish you could go off road more often. Everything is controlled from the red M toggle buttons on the steering wheel hub.

Create your own custom set-ups or use the defaults for suspension stiffness, gear change speed and even throttle response. The adaptive dampers are sensational when driving over poor terrain without losing the excitement of the sports performance.

To buy or not to buy

It’s difficult not to be impressed by this Bavarian beauty, even with a price tag of a sniff over £96,000. It’s great fun to drive, functioning equally as well for a family as for a bit of brutal fun on the track. The interior, fit and finish are exactly what you’d expect from a car with a 5 figure price tag but the real test is on the road where it’s smooth, responsive and a dream to drive. So who’s remortgaging?

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