Prevent MOT Failure with Simple Checks

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Spend two minutes checking your vehicle before its MOT and increase its chances of success, says Quote Me Today

Specialist motor trade insurance brokers Quote Me Today has emphasised that carrying out basic vehicle checks before an MOT test can increase its chances of passing and save motorists money.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), around 1.5 million MOT failures could be avoided each year if motorists carried out the basic checks from their ‘€˜Minute or Two’ checklist before their vehicle’€™s MOT.

Quote Me Today explains that many vehicles fail their MOT because of simple faults such as dead bulbs, empty windscreen washer fluid bottles and low engine oil.

Since failing your MOT can be expensive, QMT emphasises that motorists who are feeling the financial strain of high fuel and insurance costs can save money by paying attention to detail and ensuring their vehicle passes its MOT.

According to a spokesperson from Quote Me Today, ‘€˜Motorists who follow the SMMT’s ‘€˜Minute or Two’€™ checklist can greatly increase their chances of passing their MOT by fixing the problems beforehand or notifying the dealer of them before the test is carried out.’€™

The ‘€˜Minute or Two’ can be found at and includes:

1. Ensuring all headlights and indicators function properly

2. Checking the brake lights work

3. Ensuring the number plate is clean and legible

4. Making sure wheels and tyres are undamaged and have an adequate tread depth

5. Checking all seats and seatbelts are in good working order

6. Checking the windscreen for damage

7. Making sure your windscreen wipers keep your windscreen clean€“ no tears or holes

8. Topping up screenwash bottle

9. Giving a short blast of the horn to check it works

10. Ensuring you have enough fuel and engine oil

A valid MOT certificate is a legal requirement for all motorists and Quote Me Today emphasises that you must keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition that meets safety and environmental standards.

As well as a valid MOT certificate, the law also requires motorists to have sufficient car insurance. If you work in the motor trade, QMT motor trade insurance can be the best way to protect your business since expert insurance advisers can tailor motor trade insurance policies to meet your exact needs.

About Quote Me Today is a Kent based broker with many years of experience providing risk solutions for both the personal and commercial lines markets. In an industry where competitive rates, risk knowledge and customer confidence are essential, offer these through a panel of insurers with a wealth of industry experience.

Our relationship with these insurers allows us to quote competitive rates coupled with professionally tailored cover which gives us the required edge in placing your business at the right price without prejudice to your policy requirements.

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