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New motorway lessons for learner drivers arrive next month

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Learner drivers will be permitted to complete lessons on the motorway under new laws that will come into force in less than a month as authorities attempt to ensure motorists who have recently passed their test will be ready to use the motorway safely.

It is currently illegal for learner drivers to venture onto motorways and motorists have previously had to rely on post-test lessons and other means of learning to get up to speed with driving on them. That will change on Monday, June 4 when across England, Scotland and Wales, learners will be able to drive on the often-congested routes with a driving instructor.

While the change is designed to improve motorway readiness, it will increase the risk of accidents for learners. It has therefore never been a better time for instructors to get the best driving school insurance to provide the protection their cars, students, livelihood and themselves need. The correct policy will provide personal accident cover for any person in a vehicle.

“DVSA’s priority is to help you through a lifetime of safe driving,” DVSA Deputy Chief Driving Examiner, Mark Winn said. “Allowing learners to practice on motorways with a professional instructor gives them the opportunity be taught motorway rules and etiquette properly, practice at higher speeds and will help make our roads even safer.”

There are a couple of limitations for the new motorway driving lessons. Instructors need to be fully approved and use a car fitted with dual controls so they can make adjustments and potentially prevent any accidents on the road. Authorities also say the lessons will be entirely voluntary, so there won’t be any pressure on learners to go on the motorway unless they feel comfortable doing so. The instructor will also determine whether a driver is competent enough for the more advanced learning.

NASP Chairman, Peter Harvey said: “The partners in NASP are very pleased to see that learner drivers are, at last, being allowed to drive on motorways. Driver trainers have been campaigning for many years to be able to train learner drivers on the vital skills needed on motorways before they pass their driving tests.”

He added that these changes had been in the pipeline for some time, with careful preparation so that they could comprehensively prepare their members on the best approaches to taking a novice onto a motorway for the first time. The NASP website offers established guidelines and encourages driving instructors to only take learners onto motorways when they are ready, ideally when the students have reached test-readiness.

While new motorway focused lessons will arrive in the early summer, there are no plans to make the more challenging stretches of road a feature in any official driving tests. A recent study by an insurance firm found that 77% of learner drivers are eager to drive on motorways.


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