New driver rules to benefit instructors

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New proposals from the UK government promise tougher learning and probation periods for fledgeling drivers – with the former being viewed as a tonic for instructors.

Under the proposals, new drivers could be restricted to daytime driving only. A limit could also be placed on the amount of passengers ‘P-plate drivers’ can carry in a single journey. On top of that, a minimum learning phase may be introduced – something which Quote Me Today insurance believes could shape the driving school industry for the better.

The plans are still only under consideration and stem from a nationwide endeavour to reduce Britain’s road risks. Quote Me Today believes this initiative should have a positive impact and will help towards reducing some of the uncomfortable statistics:

  •  A fifth of fatal accidents involve new drivers and their passengers*
  • A driver of 18, is more than three times as likely to crash than a motorist 20 years older**

Jason Markham at Quote Me Today commented:

“Nobody enjoys looking at the stats but if that’s what it takes to raise awareness, then we’re all for it. It’s a very sad fact that the majority of accidents take away younger lives but hopefully, with a few sensible changes to the motoring industry, we can see the figures dwindle over the next few years.

“As insurance brokers, we deal with accident cases every single day – and that alone can be harrowing when you stop to think about it.

“For now, we’re getting onboard with the idea for change, and trying to focus on how these new driver proposals bubbling beneath the surface could have a positive impact on instructors if or when they come into place.”

Quote Me Today has underlined the ‘minimum learning period’ as a direct boost for tutors – a set amount of lessons would be effectively guaranteed by law. Beyond that, the proposal to intensify lessons, taking learners into harsher conditions, motorway environments and at night, could warrant extra tuition charges for added risk to the learner vehicle.

Such added risk can be covered by driving instructor insurance from Quote Me Today themselves. To find out more, click the link or call free on 01227 285 540.

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