VW Golf Ideal hatchback

Looking for the ideal family hatchback? Try the 2019 VW Golf

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Looking for the ideal family hatchback? Try the 2019 VW Golf

With more space, a nifty high tech interior and a choice of engines, the new VW Golf might just be the perfect family car. The ever popular hatchback is due for a total revamp. Here’s what we already know about the one to watch for in 2019.

The Golf is one of the UK’s most popular cars with over 40,000 models sold in the first half of 2018 alone. But with an all-new model scheduled for 2019, what can we expect from this market-leading wonder?

Advanced tech

To stay competitive with the likes of BMW and Audi and attract the ‘should I shouldn’t I’ SUV buyer, the new Golf has plenty of tricks up its exhaust. VW is promising superior self-drive options, better fuel saving technology and a range of connectivity options designed to keep the Golf out in front.

The evolution of style

The 2019 Golf is still recognisably a Golf so don’t expect any great stylistic leaps from the 2018 model. Smarter, sharper lines and increased leg room will evolve the basic style, thanks to a repositioning of the axles. There’s also expected to be more boot space to make hauling your family’s gear a snap.

The big leap forward comes in terms of the smart interior that virtually does away with knobs and switches. Instead, expect to encounter what VW are dubbing a ‘total digital environment’. That means everything focuses around the kind of impressive touchscreen found in the Touareg. Brush up on your intuitive smartphone behaviours to make operating the new Golf a breeze.

Thanks to the e-Sim, the new Golf is permanently connected to the internet to bring you everything from up-to-date petrol prices to 3D mapping.

New engine choices

With everything from hybrid tech to low emission diesel and petrol engines on offer, the Golf is designed to bring down your motoring costs. The hybrid version is particularly appealing thanks to its ability to boost the engine and deliver lower fuel consumption and emissions. A low powered, high torque diesel engine features a resized particulate filter, 9% increase in torque and lower emissions.

More features, bigger price tag

Of course, all this innovation doesn’t come cheap. Expect to pay significantly more than the current £18,795 for the cheapest 5 door Golf on today’s market. But with its always-on connectivity, improved features and more spacious interior, the 2019 Golf could be well worth waiting for.

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