Rolls Royce Ghost Surfboard

Is this the ultimate beach car? Meet the RR Surf Ghost

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What’s the best dressed Rolls Royce wearing this summer? A surfboard, dude. But this isn’t just any beach car or any surfboard – this is a bespoke hand crafted £30,000 surfboard created by British marquetry specialists Woodpop.

Imagine a surfboard created from premium wood veneers and highlighted with 24 carat leaf, then drop it oh so casually on the roof of a Silver Ghost and you have the gnarliest Rolls on the Croisette.

That’s where the luxury car giant has set up camp for the summer, introducing the idea of an adrenaline lifestyle in ultimate comfort to the beautiful people of Cannes. And while the InterContinental Carlton Hotel may see it’s fair share of Bugattis and Mercedes, nothing commands attention like the Surf Ghost.

The best car in the world

It’s a big year for the sleek and beautiful Silver Ghost with the release of the Silver Ghost collection. Containing just 35 cars, this prestigious launch pays homage to what was once dubbed ‘the best car in the world’ by Autocar magazine back in 1906.

It wasn’t just an idle title based on the Ghost’s undeniable good looks, either. The 40/50hp as it was originally dubbed had set a long distance endurance record of 14,371 miles back in the days when roads were barely more than cart tracks. It was quite an achievement for which the Silver Ghost was duly honoured.

Spirit of Ecstasy

Back to 2018 and huge attention to detail has been lavished on the Silver Ghost collection. Each car will have a solid silver Spirit of Ecstasy on the bonnet, in honour of the iconic symbol of the Rolls Royce marque. The muse that has graced Rolls Royce bonnets since 1911 is hallmarked AX201, the number plate of the original Silver Ghost.

Then there’s the specially created paint, a blend of cool and warm greys shot through with particles of real silver. Further nods to the original model come in the form of the silver ingot dashboard clock, the black painted Pantheon grille and the forest green interior tipped with silver – harking back to the original car.

No ordinary Rolls Royce

Like the Surf Ghost, the relaunched Silver Ghost is no ordinary Rolls Royce. So whether you prefer your 2.5 tonnes of Rolls with lashings of retro style or a sense of adventure and a sense of humour, this is a marque that always delivers luxury with an indefinable sense of style.

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