Government Funding Autonomous Driving and Cazana Goes to USA

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The UK government has set aside £25 million for industrial projects that will test autonomous driving – and autonomous parking – motoring technology.

The Meridian project will finance as many as six plans to “develop connected and autonomous vehicle testing infrastructure for automated parking and interurban automated driving on rural roads and highways.”

Two of these projects aim to establish two permanent autonomous driving test sites in Blighty. This comes after the government announced plans for Britain to become an international leader in this field by 2021.

Richard Harrington, the business minister, said: “The UK is already leading the way in developing this technology and today’s funding will bring self-driving vehicles one step closer to becoming a normal feature on UK roads and could, in time, make learning to parallel park a thing of the past.”

The Automotive Council’s Graham Hoare, responded by saying that the council welcomed new developments at Meridian Mobility Technology, the nation’s CAV Development Capability. He added that these new capabilities will benefit the strengthening of UK Test abilities with the benefit of a ‘on-stop shop’ state of mind for the industry.

Various UK enterprises, such as those partaking in the UK Autodrive consortium, are already working on self-driving car technology. German car parts manufacturer Bosch might, however, be somewhat ahead of Britain’s efforts: it already has a working prototype which it had enough confidence in to show off to the international press in Berlin recently.

About £ million of government funds will go towards establishing a ‘data exchange capability that will provide a commercial marketplace for [autonomous and connected] data.

The data will be shareable and accessible, while maintaining security and privacy.

In other motoring news, major British used vehicle search platform Cazana has clinched its first reseller partnership deal with a US firm when it signed an agreement with Robinson Advisory. This will allow Cazana to expand into the American market.

The company’s CEO, Tom Wood, said the partnership will boost his firm’s revenues in the American market and help it demonstrate the benefits of live pricing and risk data to car insurance, finance and leasing organisations in that country.

Wood said that they have long eyed the American market as a major opportunity for their groundbreaking car data. After assessing a couple of possible partners, they are thrilled to join forces with Robinson Advisory, which has excellent connection in the US car leasing and manufacturing industries.

He added: “Together we see a significant opportunity in enabling finance and leasing products on new and older used vehicles and we’re looking forward to growing the US market opportunity together.”

Founded six years ago, Cazana initially aimed to improve its understanding of classic car pricing by utilising big data. Since then it has turned into the biggest indexing and search engine for used cars in Britain and currently tracks millions of car sales throughout eight countries every day.

Cazana’s search technology shows all cars presently on sale – and digs up buried history on every one of them. It also tracks a vehicle’s history and value, showing an events timeline from the day it was made until now.

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