EV and Hybrid car sales hindered

EV and hybrid car sales hindered by buyer confusion

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According to a new poll of UK motorists, confusion about the differences between electric and hybrid vehicles might be hindering sales of AFV (alternatively fuelled vehicles).

Autocar and Simpson Carpenter teamed up to poll more than 1000 drivers on their views about different types of fuel. The survey showed a huge degree of confusion, with 33% of participants quoting fears over driving range as a reason for not wanting to purchase a hybrid model – something which is of course only a factor with fully-electric cars.

About 24% said they would like to buy an electric or hybrid next time, compared to 17% last year. Current car sales, however, don’t reflect this. In Q1, 2018 only 5.1% of new cars sold in the UK were alternatively fuelled vehicles.

Simpson Carpenter’s MD, Tom Simpson, said: “Potential hybrid buyers are confused by the technology and are being deterred by [perceived] barriers.”

The 2018 poll also asked participants about how they viewed internal combustion engines. The results showed that an increasing percentage of car buyers viewed petrol-driven cars as bad as diesels when it comes to the environment.

Around 44% of participants viewed petrol-driven and diesel cars as posing the same danger to the environment with their CO2 emissions, even if they met EU6 standards. About 42% also believed that both types of cars emitted similar amounts of NOx (nitrogen oxides).

The poll also revealed the damage ongoing negative publicity was having on diesel cars. Only 20% of participants indicated that their next car would be a diesel, compared to 23% in 2017. And only 56% said their next car would be petrol-driven, compared to 60% a year ago.

Simpson stated: “We are seeing a shift towards alternatively fuelled cars among both petrol and diesel car owners.”

Among participants who presently own a diesel-driven vehicle, 45% indicated they planned to buy one again. Among drivers of different types of cars, however, attitudes have hardened. More than 50% of petrol car owners, for example, indicated they would not consider buying a diesel car.

The reason why people are rejecting diesel cars remains predominantly based on their beliefs that these cars had ‘higher levels of pollution/emissions’. Nearly 74% cited this as their main reason for not opting for a diesel car – the same as last year.

The second biggest reason in 2018, however, was concern over diesel car’s resale value. Nearly 59% this year cited that as a reason for rejecting this type of car, compared to 41% last year.

Well over 50% of respondents are now convinced that petrol cars depreciate more slowly than diesels, compared to 40% last year – while only 25% of participants hold the same view about diesel cars (compared to 34% in 2017).

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