Cheapest and most expensive cars in Britain to service

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Having your car serviced is a vital part of making sure that it remains safe and roadworthy. It can be incredibly detrimental to neglect this – just as detrimental as it could be for someone in the UK motor trade not to have proper motor trade insurance.

Repairs can – and often do – catch car owners off guard and cause huge, unexpected bills that simply cannot be accommodated in the average Briton’s budget.

The only solution seems to be to address the problem right at the source. In other words – buy a car that is cheap to service and maintain, should something go wrong. This is bound to save you a lot of money over the average car’s lifetime.

Servicing Stop, a well-known UK car servicing provider, recently published fresh data about the servicing costs of different models. The company compiled statistics from over 250,000 vehicle service claims, and it asserts that it can now tell us which cars are the cheapest to keep on the road.

It has also published details about the most expensive cars to service and maintain.

In the number one spot as the country’s thriftiest car when it comes to being serviced is the Peugeot 106. A small and rather dated vehicle it may be, but it will only cost you £158 to have it serviced.

The Ford EcoSport is in second place at £176, followed by the Nissan Pulsar at £180. The Ford Kuga (£195) and Citroen C1 (£197) also made it to the Top 5 list.

The sixth to tenth cheapest cars to service were the Alfa Romeo (£201), Citroen C4 Cactus (£205), Toyota Aygo (£207), Vauxhall Adam (£208) and Seat MII (£210).

Oly Richmond, founder and CEO of Servicing Stop, said that UK drivers often overlooked the cost of servicing when purchasing a car.

He stated: “Many motorists think about the cost of the car when purchasing a new or second-hand model, but often the running costs go forgotten about. You could end up spending twice as much every single year by purchasing a more expensive vehicle to service, so make sure to do your research in advance.”

At the other end of the spectrum, the company claims to have pinpointed some of the most expensive cars in the United Kingdom to have serviced.

The dubious honour of being the most expensive car in the UK to maintain is the Porsche Boxter with an average service cost of £426. The Jaguar S-Type is not far behind at £406, while the Volvo XC70 at £404 is doing its best to overtake the Jaguar.

Another Porsche, the Cayenne, is in fourth position with average service costs of £382. In the number five spot is the BMW Z4 and Z3 at £379.

The sixth to tenth slots are taken up by the Chrysler Grand Voyager (£373), Jaguar XK (£371), BMW X5 (£368), BMW 6 Series (£366) and Ford Transit (£363).

None of these vehicles are cheap to buy either, so perhaps the owners can afford the hefty maintenance bills. Or maybe they simply never gave service costs a thought when they bought the car.

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