Top tips for finding cheaper car insurance for older drivers

Top tips for finding cheaper car insurance for older drivers

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Are you nearing retirement or thinking of downsizing? The chances are that you are already paying lower premiums than many drivers, but why not find car insurance for older drivers that leaves you with plenty in your pocket to enjoy life?

Invest in a new car

With no more children to ferry around and the daily commute a distant memory, why not downsize to a smart run-around in a lower insurance group? Pick an economical model with low emissions and you will save even more on your motoring costs. Make sure you invest in an alarm and immobiliser if one isn’t fitted as standard, as security devices can also bring down the cost of your insurance premium.

Move house

If you are a city dweller living in London, Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester, you can expect to be paying a premium for your insurance. If you want to live in one of the cheapest postcodes for car insurance, you need to move to Truro, Aberdeen or Bury St Edmunds. If you have always wanted to get out of the rat race, let cheaper car insurance be one of your motives for making the move!

Shop around for car insurance for older drivers

50 per cent of drivers tend to stick with their insurance providers, meaning they are missing out on savings of up to 25 per cent on their insurance premiums. Although options can sometimes be limited by upper age limits, you should still have plenty of choice.

What is your mileage?

Don’t forget to mention that you are retiring or retired, as your lower mileage and switch from business to domestic use should result in lower premiums. If you mainly pop to the shops or drive for shorter distances than you used to, your usage limits may not meet the actual miles you cover and result in lower premiums.

What is your excess?

Most insurers give you the option to minimise your premiums by paying a voluntary excess. If you are a careful driver, this may be a good option to reduce your premiums; however, you should make sure that you can pay the new, higher excess if you do need to make an insurance claim.

Pay online

Have you got into the habit of paying monthly for your car insurance? If so, you could well be paying over the odds; in fact, once you have found the cheapest possible quote with us, it is often cheaper to make one annual payment. Check which is the cheapest way to pay to keep more money in your pocket.

Stay clean

The higher your no claims bonus, the cheaper your insurance. How clean your licence is can also make a big difference. Follow the Highway Code, don’t run red lights or get a speeding ticket and you will keep your renewal quotes low.

Pass your driving test

If you are looking for cheap car insurance for older drivers, try taking – and passing – the advanced driving test. There are discounts available for more qualified drivers, so why not spend your retirement sharpening your skills and enjoying low car insurance premiums?

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