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If you are an Alfa Romeo car owner you will want to find a policy to do your cherished car justice. This is where an Alfa Romeo insurance specialist can step in. We talk below about the levels of cover on offer, and options to consider.

Alfa Romeo has been making sports cars since 1910. With their flair for design, technical mastery and sleek lines, the cars have won a dynamic reputation among motor enthusiasts.

Those lucky enough to own an Alfa Romeo car will want to get the best insurance deal – one that offers decent terms and recognises the car’s unique character and cachet. This means finding a package that reflects the extent to which the driver wants to take care of their special car.

Deals for different models

A one-size-fits-all policy is not suitable for an owner of one of these unique cars. The good news for owners is that policies can be tailor-made for different Alfa Romeo models, whether this means a classic Junior, the Alfa 147, or the latest Giulia and Giulietta models.

With this sort of policy, it is typically assumed that the car is garaged.

Agreed value cover from an Alfa Romeo insurance specialist

In the event of a worst case scenario and your car being written off totally, agreed value cover from the insurer will obtain a ‘true’ value, rather than the usual average value settlement.

Cover for different circumstances

You may be able to tailor a package with your Alfa Romeo insurance specialist whereby you will get quoted different prices according to whether your car is laid up, being restored, going to a few shows, or travelling the whole of Europe.

Young drivers

High-powered cars such as Alfa Romeos are thought by some insurers to be more of a risk in the hands of younger drivers, because of their powerful engine performance and speed. Finding an Alfa Romeo Insurance specialist who does not penalise younger drivers may therefore be important to you.


There may be discounts available with an Alfa Romeo insurance specialist for vehicles with limited mileage, or for additional cars.


You may want to be properly covered in the event of a breakdown. Comprehensive UK breakdown cover as an extra can provide Home start, roadside assistance, recovery and onward travel, an overnight stay, 24 hour car hire, a relief driver and message relay.

Policies may also cover convicted drivers, windscreen damage, European cover, driving of other cars, modified models, legal fees, your choice of repairer.

Alfa Romeo owners’ club (AROC)

With its expertise, this member’s club may be able to back you up in the event of having to make a claim, or if there are any other problems.

Key locator cover

The loss of the car keys to your Alfa Romeo could be an expensive disaster. With this system, you attach tags to your key fob, store your unique code online and then if your keys are lost then found, they will be recognised as yours and will be given back to you. The costs of replacement keys and locks will probably also be included.

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