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How to find the best car insurance for older drivers

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Older drivers have more experience behind the wheel and are considered less of a risk than younger drivers, but they may not be getting the best insurance deal. Here is some advice for finding the best car insurance for older drivers.

Older can mean wiser

Older drivers will have clocked up a lot of mileage behind the wheel, so they tend to be safer drivers because of all that experience. Their insurance premiums are lower than a new driver or under-25 motorist, who may tend to buy a flashier car or show off behind the wheel and is more likely to have an accident. The car insurance premiums for older and more experienced motorists are cheaper than those for less experienced drivers. Generally, older drivers tend to drive reliable cars rather than flashy ones, and they drive fewer miles, which insurers like. They are also unlikely to be using their car to commute to work or leave at the train station, which means less rush-hour driving and a lower chance of accidents.

However, on their 80th birthday, some motorists find their premiums start to go up again as insurers feel they have an increased risk of accidents or they may be slower to react to a situation. It is certainly worth looking at a specialist insurer for the best car insurance for older drivers in terms of price and service. There are policies for motorists aged 50 and over, but it is recommended to talk to an insurance provider about your needs as an individual. You can get the cover that suits you regardless of whether you are 50 or in your 90s.

Looking for the best car insurance for older drivers

When looking to renew your policy, talk to your insurer about the amount of mileage you drive, how often you drive and whether your car is secured in a garage at night. If you have a no-claims bonus, see if it is protected if an uninsured driver hits you. If you have been a careful driver, you should have built up a healthy no-claims bonus; some providers will offer up to 75 per cent off your premiums if you have not had to make a claim in the previous five years. Some policies will also provide you with a courtesy car or make sure you get home if your vehicle breaks down.

Think about the type of car you drive and whether it makes economic sense to downsize if you have a fast sports car or a 4×4 as these are among the most expensive vehicles to get insured. A less flashy car is also less attractive to thieves, which is another bonus. These are all considerations that can be factored in when you’re looking for the best car insurance for older drivers. You could also think about putting another driver, such as a younger family member, on the policy so you can share the costs of the insurance.

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