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Getting America Car Insurance For British Travellers

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America is a popular holiday destination for Brits who want to relax and explore, and many travellers choose to hire a car for their trip. However, it is important to research America car insurance before your trip so you are covered.

After all, some travellers do not need to buy extra insurance for their holidays because they are already covered by their normal insurers. This is not the case for everyone, however. It is also worth noting that car insurance rules in the US are different from car insurance rules in the UK, so you should make sure that you know the right information before you try to hire a car.

Here are a few things that you should consider if you are a British traveller who wants to hire a car in America.

Everything You Need To Know About America Car Insurance

People who travel to the US have three different types of insurance to choose from if they are hiring a car: Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI). A Loss Damage Waiver provides cover in the case of theft, a Collision Damage Waiver will cover any damage or collisions, and Supplemental Liability Insurance covers any damage to a third-party individual or vehicle.

Sometimes, this type of America car insurance is included with the rental car, so you don’t need to do anything else. Nevertheless, you should check beforehand because not all rental cars are insured. You should also know that even if the car is insured with LDW and CDW, you may still need to pay for excess damages, which can be very expensive. Thankfully, you can buy extra insurance to cover the excess. This can cover full collisions and damages of up to £100,000, which is something that could end up proving very useful if you are planning on road tripping around the US for an extended period. It may not be worth the cost if you are only planning on using a rental car for a day or two, although you may still want to consider it.

SLI Insurance

SLI must be included if a traveller is hiring a car in America, but this type of cover just provides the minimum statutory level required in the state you are visiting. This can be a very low amount, which could result in some very expensive claims for third-party liability, so you may want to go for a more comprehensive form of insurance. For example, many American car rentals offer a top-up policy that will provide you with more protection.

The final thing that you should do before driving off in your rental car is check over the whole car for damage, including the inside of the car. If you find anything wrong with the vehicle, make sure that there is a record of the damages as this means that you are less likely to be blamed for any scratches and scrapes when you return the car.

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