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Finding the best Audi insurance that suits your needs

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German cars have long been prized for their superior build and performance, and with the Audi overtaking BMW and Mercedes in popularity, finding the most appropriate Audi insurance for your car is more important than ever before.

Audi insurance doesn’t have to be expensive

The Audi brand is much loved by motoring enthusiasts, who value its German engineering and high-quality specifications, but insurance companies haven’t always looked quite so favourably on the brand. Often viewed in the past as high-performance and therefore high-risk to insurance providers, the cost of spare parts has also had an impact on insurance quotes too, leading many Audi owners to pay over the odds for insuring their pride and joy.

However, just because some insurance providers raise their premiums significantly for Audi drivers, there are still some great deals to be had by those in the know. It’s hardly surprising, since the Audi brand encompasses all types of cars, from the popular A3 models through SUVs, estate cars and the sporty TT to the mighty R8 V10. You’ll find Audis featured in the insurance groups from 9 – 50, so there’s plenty of choice when it comes to the available models, and an equal amount of choice when it comes to sourcing an insurance provider.

Tailor your Audi insurance to your exact requirements

Every situation is different, and what works for one Audi owner is unlikely to be relevant for another, so it pays to do your homework, or to find a broker who knows the market inside out, as this will guarantee that you get the best deal.

Depending on your model of Audi, you may want other members of the family to be allowed to get behind the wheel from time to time, so you may find it helpful to include named drivers on your policy. Perhaps you like the idea of being able to access legal advice as part of your policy, or maybe you’d like European cover to be included as part of your Audi insurance policy, so that you are covered for trips abroad too.

If you happen to have one of the high-performance models, such as the R8 or RS4, then you can reduce your premiums substantially if you take certain steps, such as installing a tracker that’s been approved by your insurer, for example, or perhaps by taking part in an advanced driving course. Agreeing to keep your annual mileage below 10,000 miles can also have a significant effect on premiums.

Many owners of the Audi R8 enjoy visiting race tracks and taking part, and if this applies to you, you’ll find that there are some insurers who will provide cover for track days. Some insurers will reduce premiums for Audi owners who are members of the Audi Owners Club, so there are plenty of ways that you can tailor your Audi insurance cover to exactly suit your requirements.

Whatever your model of Audi, and whatever you like to do with your car, it’s possible to create a tailored insurance policy that gives you absolute peace of mind, whilst allowing you to indulge in your passion for your much-loved car.

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