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If you buy a vehicle from the US, you might find it difficult to get American car insurance. It’s important to shop around and check with numerous providers. This article provides an introduction to insuring your US vehicle in the UK.

American cars are becoming increasingly popular with UK motorists, but what do you need to know about American car insurance before purchasing a new car? You might assume it will be as straightforward to insure an American car as it would any other car – after all, the majority of cars driven in the UK are manufactured overseas. If you are buying a car that is intended to be driven in the US, however, and not built to UK standards, you might run into difficulty when it comes to insurance. Each insurance provider will have its own rules when it comes to ensuring US vehicles, so it’s important to check you will be able to obtain affordable and adequate coverage before you purchase an American car.

American car insurance

You might find that some providers are unwilling to insure American cars for a variety of reasons. Some insurers steer clear of vehicles that are not built to UK specifications. Insurers might be concerned that the cost of any repairs could be considerably higher than for equivalent cars built to British specifications as parts will be harder to come by and might require a specialist mechanic. This makes sense if you take into account how costly and difficult it can be to get hold of rare and unusual car parts, even for British models. Another issue with some vehicles is that an American car might have far greater performance potential compared with a standard UK vehicle. All these factors put off some some insurers, so it’s important to do some research before you commit to buying a US car.

Agreeing the value of your vehicle

It’s vital you agree the value of your car with your insurance provider at the outset. Otherwise, you might run into difficulties in the event of your vehicle being written off after a collision. In the worst case scenario, you will be left out of pocket if your American car insurance provider disputes the value of your car and refuses to pay out its full worth.

Classic American car insurance

If the vehicle you are interested in purchasing is a classic car, it’s worth looking into specialist classic US car insurance. You might find the insurance for this type of car considerably cheaper than for a more modern everyday vehicle. This is partly because such vehicles tend to be extremely well looked after and are used less frequently than a regular car. The less frequently you use your vehicle, then the less chance there is of it being involved in a collision, and so insurers will take this into account when providing you with a car insurance quote.

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