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Why Go & Compare When We Compare For You?

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Why Choose An Insurance Broker?

When it comes to choosing insurance, there is a wide range of choice.
Over recent years, we have seen the rise of the automated price comparison site where you fill in your details and get a range of quotes. These normally start with what appears to be the cheapest quote at the top with ascending priced policies following below.
These sites are good for generic car, pet or home insurance and often give you the lowest price for the most basic level of cover to entice you to purchase cover.
When it comes to more commercial insurance such as motor trade insurance, driving tuition insurance or vehicle fleet insurance, it’s advisable to get the help and advice of an experienced broker.

Insuring a vehicle for your business means your circumstances are more individual and require a more tailored solution. Talking to a broker will help to provide specific details about your business and also make sure you don’t pay for insurance cover that you don’t need.
In that respect, insurance brokers are more intelligent than comparison sites, because when you talk to an advisor, we will ask questions that are specific to you and tailor the policy accordingly.

The Advantages Of Using An Insurance Broker.

The job of an insurance broker is to compare policies from various insurers and get both the most cost effective cover and the correct cover for your individual circumstance.

Time Saving

It’s just as quick to have a conversation with someone who fills in your details as it is to do it yourself. Whilst you are having that conversation with an expert broker, they will be able to identify areas of your policy where they can help you to make savings and make sure you have the correct cover. Once you have had the conversation, the broker will do the comparison for you, then call you back with the best quote. This allows you to get on with your day and not be tied to your computer trawling through the options provided by the comparison site.

Expert Advice Leads To A More Cost Effective Quote

As with comparison sites, insurance brokers make money by earning a commission by selling a policy. However, brokers also have knowledge and expertise in their fields to be able to make sure that they can deliver the policy you need for your circumstances. Quote Me Today compare insurance from the largest range of insurers and have been in business for a long time. Our staff are knowledgeable, friendly and have long established relationships with our panel of insurers. This offers a distinct advantage over the comparison sites in getting a better deal for the customer.

Knowing Your Options

An insurance policy is a serious contract. It’s important to go over all the available options of a policy when taking out insurance. A conversation with an expert broker will inevitably discuss more detail about the policy and the exact elements of cover you may not even know you require. By discussing the quote, you’ll have more piece of mind that you have the right protection for all eventualities.

Use A Trade Specialist Broker

Price comparison sites may not find cover for more bespoke policy elements. For example, as a driving instructor, you may require insurance to teach drivers returning from a ban or cover to teach students in their own cars. You may also want to include income protection in case you are unable to work. These types of specialist insurance elements are only found through a detailed discussion with an experienced broker.

In Summary

Using an independent specialist insurance broker will save you both time and money. You’ll also get peace of mind with the right level of cover that you need with expert advice along the way. Brokers will always be impartial as their job is to deliver the best value quote, which could come from any one of our panel of insurers.

Why not start your search for the right policy?

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