A car exhaust pipe being tested for emissions

New Car Emissions Test To Be Introduced To Stop Cheating

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New Emissions Tests Start From Friday 1st September 2017

With nearly 2 years gone by since the Volkswagen emissions scandal caused a major wave in the motor trade across the globe, the emissions test is now about to be changed to a more “real world” test.
The scandal that led to 1.2 million cars in the UK being recalled was the result of Volkswagen cars being fitted with a “Defeat Device”. This was a piece of software fitted in the diesel engines of many Volkswagens which was able to detect when the car was being tested for emissions. It then adjusted the performance, and therefore the emissions output, to pass the test.

In the UK, some 1.2 million diesel vehicles were affected including 508,276 Volkswagen cars, 393,450 Audis, 131,569 Skodas, 79,838 VW commercial vehicles and 76,773 Seats.

From Friday 1st September, All new petrol and diesel cars being sold will undergo the WLTP test which tests cars in a real world situation by including many more acceleration and braking cycles than its predecessor. It is aimed to determine fuel consumption on a representative basis of normal driving.

In 2016, an enquiry revealed that Euro 6 diesel cars were found to be emitting up to six times the claimed nitrogen oxides (NO) emissions when on the road compared to the figures stated from manufacturers lab tests.

A car exhaust pipe being tested for emissions

This new stringent test will be set to have a huge impact on the motor trade as under the rules of the new tests, two-thirds of the emissions will need to be slashed to help improve air pollution across the UK.

The current NEDC test is limited to only 20 minutes of lab running, but the new RDE section must be for at least 90 minutes on real roads – although it can be longer.

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