If you work with cars you should have strong motor trade insurance whatever your business

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With so many different insurance policies on the market today it can sometimes be a bit confusing as to what insurance you should really have if you own a business. However, there is one certainty that anyone who owns a business which involves working with cars should ensure that they have effective motor trade insurance. Many people may think that motor trade insurance only extends to those involved in the trade of cars where they sell and buy vehicles. However, these are not the only businesses that should have motor trade insurance as anyone who works with or repairs cars should also ensure they are protected.

If you own a car mechanic service then you should check if you are covered for motor trade insurance. Simply having business insurance may not be enough to fully protect your company and the cars that you work on. Motor trade insurance is different to business insurance as it incorporates cover that is specific to business in the motor trade industry including everything from breakdown cover to insuring a variety of different cars. Those working in MOT test centres should have very effective motor trade insurance to protect the various vehicles that they test every day.

Another key element to consider is insuring you choose motor trade insurance that also includes cover for theft. If you own a car mechanics then overnight you may have expensive and valuable tools and materials left in the premises, if your current motor trade insurance does not cover thefts than you may find yourself at a great financial loss should anyone break in and steal anything from your business. That is why it is important to make sure you take a specialist approach to your motor trade insurance, as this allows you to select your main requirements from the policy.

An added benefit of following a specialist approach to your motor trade insurance is that you can also remove any unnecessary extras that you do not require. So while an MOT test centre may select theft cover, they may rather choose to remove cover for a personal car. Removing any unnecessary extras from your insurance policy is also a great way of cutting down the overall cost of your insurance so in the end you are left with comprehensive cover that matches your business’ requirements but at an affordable cost.

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