A row of 5 app icons

5 Free Apps To Streamline Your Business

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A row of 5 app icons

Do we need a desk in 2017?

We all do it…
On the bus, on the couch, on the loo. You only have to look around you in a restaurant or coffee shop and you’ll see someone else doing it. That’s if you aren’t doing it already.
The thumbs of 75% of the worlds population are getting a regular workout as we check our emails, update our status, like, tweet, follow, snapchat, text, blog, look for the nearest restaurant etc etc.

Here’s a few statistics.
75% of the world have a mobile phone. Quite remarkable considering only 77% of the world have somewhere to call home.
As of June 2016, there were 2 million mobile apps available to download from Apple’s app store. This exponential rise will only increase as new ideas are spawned and the technology with which to build these apps becomes more user friendly.

A Bar graph of apps available since July 2008

But as well as being great for passing the time on a bus or train or making your toilet break longer at work, there are some really productive apps which combined together on your smartphone or tablet can really help to manage your business online.

These apps are all free which is always a great start in business…

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