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Convicted Driver Insurance

  • Competitive quotes for drivers with motoring or criminal convictions
  • One of the UK’s leading niche insurance brokers
  • Flexible cover to meet your individual needs.

Finding it difficult to get insurance?

We specialise in a number of niche motor insurance areas, enabling us to offer quotes to drivers with motoring or criminal convictions, unlike many other insurers.

  • Competitive quotes for those with speeding fines, dangerous or drink  driving convictions and non motoring criminal convictions
  • Tailor-made schemes and prices to suit all sorts of individual circumstances
  • UK based specialist advisers who will do the shopping around for you.


Who needs convicted driver insurance?

Getting clocked by a speed camera is all too easy these days but a lot of the big players and aggregator sites either will not provide a quote or will greatly inflate it for someone with any sort of conviction in the last 5 years. We understand that people make mistakes and prefer to treat our customers as individuals, working hard to provide you with a bespoke quote.

We know how difficult it can be to get a good deal on your car, van, motorbike or HGV insurance policy at the best of time, but particularly where convictions are involved, where you have prosecutions pending or returning to driving after a ban. However due to the strong relationships we have with our insurers, we can do the shopping around for you and offer a price for someone with almost any type of conviction, as long as you are over 19 years old and have a full UK driving licence.

How can you lower the cost?

  • It is important to go to an insurer that specialising in this niche area, such as Quote Me Today
  • Only ‘unspent’ convictions need to be declared, so check the length of the sentence – fines or community service are usually spent after 5 years, short prison sentences are often between 7 and 10 years, unfortunately ones over 2 and a half years are often never spent and will always need to be disclosed
  • If you have received points or a ban consider taking a driving rehabilitation course to reduce the term or penalty
  • Consider what excess you will be happy to pay if you need to make a claim
  • Reducing the amount you drive may help to reduce your premium
  • Sometimes it may help to add a named driver, with a clean licence and claims history, to the policy, but also check the policy with no additional drivers as different insurers have different views
  • Check you have the correct vehicle security, garage details and safety features recorded as these can lead to discounts
  • Contrary to popular belief TP & TPF&T insurance is not always cheaper, it might be worth checking the price for comprehensive cover
  • A car with a smaller engine size could also be considered for a short time until your convictions are spent to reduce your costs

Remember: it is critical that you always tell your insurer the correct information as failure to do so could invalidate your policy and any subsequent claims would be declined.

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