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Who needs business insurance?

Whether you run your own business, are a sole trader or a self employed freelancer, you can often expose yourself to risks that you don’t immediately consider. Getting the right SME insurance is necessary to help you manage these risks and gives you a safety net, enabling you to claim for losses, or to compensate employees or customers, if you are unfortunate enough to have things to go wrong.

Business insurance is a term often used to cover a wide variety of areas, including your office, your staff, your stock and your equipment. Different types of insurance are available for different needs, some compulsory and others optional. The level of protection can also vary according to the type of company, number of employees, type of work you do and your risk appetite.

What should you consider as part of your policy?

We can tailor your cover to meet your unique needs so you can opt to pick out one policy, a couple of the options below or a comprehensive package policy. It is often helpful to discuss your insurance needs with a specialist adviser who is experienced in understanding what protection you should consider.

  • Public liability insurance – This has the benefit of protecting you should a customer or member of the public be injured as a result of your, or an employees, work or negligence. This can be important for tradesman, such as builders, electricians and carpenters, but also where the public or your customers may be coming onto your premises, such as shop keepers or salon owners.
  • Employers liability cover – This is required by law by anyone who has staff working for them, whether they are full time or part time employees, sub-contractors (except Bona Fide contractors who should have their own cover and use their own tools), seasonal, casual or temporary staff and can cover the cost of any compensation and legal fees due as a result of an employee being injured at work, or falling ill as a result of work. You are required to have at least £5 million of cover but there are a number of options available. If you fail to put suitable cover in place you can be fined up to £2,500 a day by The Health and Safety Executive.
  • Vehicle cover – If you use cars, vans, HGV’s or even motorbikes for your business, you are required by law to have third party cover for driving them on the road in case there is an accident and someone is injured or property is damaged. The minimum level required is third party cover, but this can be upgraded to include fire and theft, or comprehensive cover, which includes cover for your vehicles and can often be extended to include personal belongings, goods in transit cover, tools cover and personal accident protection. Continuous Insurance Enforcement now allows the police to seize and destroy vehicles without insurance that are not registered as SORN. You may also be subject to points on your licence and a hefty fine.
  • Other cover that is worth considering includes:

  • Professional indemnity insurance – This is worth considering if you are in a profession where you offer advice to customers, such as accountants, surveyors, architects, solicitors, management consultants, IT consultants or a tutor. Some clients may even insist on professional indemnity cover as a contractual requirement before they will do business with you. It will cover you in the event that a customer loses money as a result of negligence, a mistake or bad advice that you or your team give. You may be confident in the level of service you offer and the way you run your business, but even if you think you are not at fault, you could incur significant costs defending yourself against allegations.
  • Directors and officers insurance – This covers the cost of compensation to a customer if a claim is made against you, a business director or other staff, rather than the business as a whole.
  • Property, buildings or commercial premises insurance – This is often worth considering as your premises and their contents can be essential to your business and should they be damaged through burglary, fire, flooding, subsidence or accidental damage, you want them to be out of action for as short a period as possible so you do not lose loyal customers or revenue.
  • Office contents cover – In addition to covering your buildings, whether you work from home, an office or even a surgery, you may want to protect any dedicated equipment or stock against loss, theft or damage. Items that can be covered include laptops, printers, office furniture and special consulting room chairs. Depending on your business needs you can request tailored options such as cover for glass replacement, signage and lock replacement. Your cover will often also include some cover for money, but this can be extended if you require a higher level and extended to include equipment that you need to take outside of your office such as PDA’s, smart phones and diagnostic equipment.

    If you rent an office and don’t need buildings cover, business contents protection can be bought as a stand-alone policy, but you should check the property owner has sufficient cover in place for standard perils such as fire. If you want to do alterations to the property you should consider additional cover options such as tenants improvements cover, as these renovations will not be covered under your landlord’s policy.
  • Business interruption insurance – This will cover any shortfall in profit for any periods when you cannot operate your business, such as when your premises have been damaged by an insured event such as a fire or flood.
  • Computer or engineering equipment breakdown cover – You can protect pieces of equipment that play a key role in you running your business for breakdown, including for example cover for the reinstatement of data after a computer system has gone down. If needed you may also be able to extend this cover to include any losses from business interruption as a result of the event.
  • Product liability cover – For those that design, make or supply a product you may wish to consider product liability insurance which covers the cost of compensation to anyone who is injured, or whose property is damaged because of a fault in that product.
  • Good in transit cover – If you are a retailer with a furniture store, bakers or butchers, or a wholesaler such as a nursery, and deliver your own business stock or products, goods in transit cover is useful protection to consider. It gives you peace of mind and protects property against loss, theft or damage whilst it is being moved from one location to another, protecting you against large and unforeseen losses.
  • Personal accident cover – This is especially valuable if you are self employed. You could receive a regular payment for a period of time if you are unable to work following an accident. Cover can also extend to lump sum payouts for specific injuries or if you die.
  • Legal expenses cover – Cover the cost of legal advice and court costs where required, for example, for an employee tribunal or contract disputes.

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