Liability Insurance Questions

Liability insurance is part of most business insurance policies and will be included as part of your cover. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding liability insurance.

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There are a couple of different types of Liability Insurance to cover different needs:

  • Public Liability Cover – This covers the cost of any compensation claim and legal action should a third party be injured or any damage is caused to their property whilst at your business premises. It also covers the cost of any injuries and/or damage whilst at a client’s business premises, home or office.
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance – This is a legal requirement if you employ anyone, to cover the cost of compensation, should they be unfortunate to be injured whilst at work.

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Although Public Liability Insurance may not be compulsory, it is most certainly important to have liability insurance to ensure that the interest of the public and clients are protected against any accidental damage or injury as well as ensuring your business is protected financially.

However, Employers Liability Insurance is compulsory if you employ more than one member of staff.

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At Quote Me Today we work alongside a variety of insurers who can provide both standard and tailored Liability Insurance cover. Often the limit ranges from £1,000,000 to £5,000,000. However in certain circumstances the level of cover can be increased up to £10,000,000 depending on specific business requirements.

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Even if you were to run your business from home, it still would be wise to invest in a Liability Insurance policy. Whether you run a full-time or part-time establishment you would still be liable for any claim that the general public may make against your business.

If a claim were to be made against your business and you have not invested in any form of Liability Insurance you would be personally liable to pay the full amount of compensation required to settle any and all claims. As liability pay-outs can amount to large sums of money it will pay to be insured.

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Liability Insurance premiums heavily depend on the type of business you run alongside your annual turnover and the number of employees that your business employs. Whilst we calculate your quote, we take into consideration all the areas necessary to ensure you have the right level of protection.

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At Quote Me Today we work with a variety of insurers who specialise in liability insurance. Once we have obtained all the necessary details from you, we personally speak with each and every one of our insurers to gain you a competitive quote.

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