HGV Insurance Questions

Our HGV team are constantly getting the best deals for our customers for both individual trucks and fleets. We now have some of the lowest policy prices in the UK.
Here are a few commonly asked questions about our policies.

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HGV Insurance, also known as haulage and own goods insurance, has been specifically designed for the needs of any businesses that use HGVs or other forms of haulage vehicles. We tailor our policies to suit your specific requirements and take into account, among other things, the size of your business, the type of goods that you carry, the number of people you require to drive your vehicles.

In addition to the main policy we can also offer a number of additional cover options such as public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, goods in transit cover and office cover for your money and equipment, to ensure you have all the cover you need. All of these can be wrapped up into a combined business policy.