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Avoid high commercial fleet insurance costs by only paying for what you need

When you own a business you want to ensure that you are not paying above and beyond for costs that may cut into your company’€™s profits. While there is no denying that you will require strong insurance policies so your … Continue reading

Don’€™t lose productivity by ensuring you have effective Commercial Fleet Insurance

If you own a commercial fleet and should a vehicle in your fleet breakdown or be written off the road there is of course an unfortunate knock-on effect to the rest of your business. Should a vehicle be transporting orders … Continue reading

Fuel costs impact on company car choices.

Fuel costs having risen to over £1 per litre is having an ever growing impact of vehicle choices within company fleets. Also fleet managers are reviewing journeys to see how much of the mileage covered is necessary. In a recent … Continue reading

Company cars continue to make a comeback

he company car will make a strong comeback over the next five years. Signs are that increasing number of companies with larger fleets are returning to company cars rather than offering cash alternatives, but at the same time, more firms … Continue reading

Company car still a top perk for employees

Providing a company car for employees is still one of the top ten employee benefits, a survey by Employment Review has revealed. However since emission based ?benefit in kind? tax changes it has been knocked off from top spot. Other … Continue reading

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