Monthly Archives: August, 2011

Keep your customers happy with comprehensive goods in transit insurance

If you operate a business that involves transporting goods from various destinations, it is inevitable that you will have a variety of customers. The first rule of business is to always keep customers happy but how do you prepare yourself … Continue reading

Don’€™t lose productivity by ensuring you have effective Commercial Fleet Insurance

If you own a commercial fleet and should a vehicle in your fleet breakdown or be written off the road there is of course an unfortunate knock-on effect to the rest of your business. Should a vehicle be transporting orders … Continue reading

Make sure everything is covered with effective driving school insurance

If you run a driving school, you want to make sure everything is as safe as possible for both the instructors working there and the student drivers that they teach daily. Although you can€™’t always guarantee everything will be safe … Continue reading

Don’€™t be Fooled by Bargain Quotes on Insurance Comparison Sites

Many people choosing insurance policies such as car and motor trade insurance from comparison websites could find the money saving deals are not as great as they seem due to some insurance companies offering bargain rate quotes without providing a … Continue reading

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